All about the horse


What is Cor Equus

Cor Equus the is all about a softer holistic approach to Equine massage. This is achieved by listening to and observing the horses response when applying these techniques. By recognising the subtle cues and allowing them to actively participate in the release of accumulated tension you can see immediate results. When a horse feels listened too, the relationship and trust will build. 

Who is Cor Equus for? 

The treatments offered are for all horses, young or old, from the smallest Shetland to the big 17hh to the wide draft type, that companion pony, dressage, show jumpers, trotters, working horses, they all benefit from regular hands on treatment. 


What Modalities do I practice

I am a Masterson Method Certificated Practitioner 
Level 1 acupressure, with Lucy Yeoman. Training ongoing 
Level 1 myofascial release, with Dawn Seaman Training ongoing 
Reiki with Jo Rose.